Care Partner Program

Patients may have up to two care partners while at the hospital to support their recovery

 A friend or family member (parent, sibling, spouse) can become a Care Partner with a patient’s permission. Patients may have up two Care Partners.

Once you become a Care Partner, you will be given an ID Badge. Please do not give this badge to anyone else. This badge gives you patient access and let’s the staff know your Care Partner role. With this badge, you will have access to free parking.

The Role of A Patient Care Partner

You will support the patient’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being during their stay at St. Vincent’s. The Care Partner often acts as a family spokesperson, communicating key health information and the patient’s status to other loved ones. 

In addition, as a Care Partner you may assist with the following:

  • Help the Patient: Assist with patient care (personal care, feeding/food selection, walking, etc.). Accompany the patient for select testing and procedures. Limit or restrict patient visitors as requested/needed by the patient.

  • Please comply with infection prevention protocol including: washing your hands before entering and after leaving the patient’s room and before entering the kitchen area.

  • Please follow any additional precaution recommendations posted on the patient’s door.

  • Please do not come to the hospital if you have a cold, flu or other infectious ailment.

  • Patient Advocacy & Coordination of Care: Have access to the patient and their medical information (as approved by the patient with a signed HIPAA form).

  • Support the Staff: Work with hospital staff providing care for the patient, including following staff instructions for patients in isolation unit.

  • Be Part of the Post-Hospital Recovery Team: Learn skills to provide home care for the patient (diet, exercise, medications) and at home safety precautions.

Please contact the Nurse Manager for more information.