Stroke Treatment & Services at St. Vincent Medical Center

Stroke is a medical emergency. If you believe you or someone near you is having a stroke, call 911 immediately!

The gold standard of care: immediate treatment, effective medications and therapies

You do not need an appointment if you are having stroke symptoms. St. Vincent’s Emergency Department is ready to receive and treat individuals who are having symptoms of stroke into our Primary Stroke Center of Excellence.

Stroke Treatment: What You Can Expect

On arrival, your primary care physician will be notified of your situation. St. Vincent’s expert neurologists will make the appropriate assessment of your status and interventions will begin immediately.

St. Vincent’s Primary Stroke Center of Excellence

We offer comprehensive life-saving stroke services from diagnosis and testing to treatment and recovery. For all patients, the goal is to prevent further brain damage from the stroke, whether it is caused by blockage of blood flow or bleeding from burst blood vessel in the vein.

  • A stroke team with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of stroke on call 24/7

  • Rapid medical attention in our Emergency Department using state-of-the art stroke protocols for medications and therapies

  • Stroke director board certified in neurology and fellowship trained in vascular critical-care neurology

  • 24/7 Neurosurgical services, radiology and laboratory support

  • Highly trained professionals and gold standard Intensive Care Unit

  • A designated stroke unit dedicated to stroke care

  • Stroke rounds twice a week involving a multidisciplinary team

  • Early identification of rehabilitation needs and inclusion of the patient and family for follow-up stroke care at home or at our acute rehabilitation unit. Services include stroke support group, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and other services to help the patient live an independent life.

Stroke Education & Research Save Lives

The goal at St. Vincent’s Primary Stroke Center is to decrease the number of strokes; to give both hope and assistance to those who have suffered stroke; and to help those in our community who been touched by stroke.

In addition to a community Stroke Awareness Program of seminars and education, St. Vincent’s conducts free stroke screenings and conducts stroke research studies to improve treatment and outcomes. (Patients who wish to participate in the stroke research program can tell their physician.)



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