"My weight was causing my family suffering because I was absent in their lives." Though he was physically present, his weight made him too tired and sore to play with his kids, attend their school events and sports activities, or walk with and enjoy his wife; even something as simple as hugging had become difficult.

Before surgery at St. Vincent's Medical Center's Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program, , his health was taking a drastic downturn. He was in constant pain from the pressure on his joints, and had absolutely no energy to do anything, even the things he loved. Food was constantly on his mind and he had already been unsuccessful at every other weight loss or weight management method. “I felt as though I didn’t have any options left. I had gone from being a social, fun loving person to being embarrassed about my size and without the energy to truly enjoy life.”

“I was at the end of my rope and knew I either had to change things or give up. That’s when my research brought me to the bariatric weight loss program at St. Vincent's Medical Center. From the moment I walked in for a consultation I felt the relief of having found someone who could offer some hope for my situation.”

Jay felt that St. Vincent's team of bariatric surgeons and specialists took a genuine interest in him through the entire process. He was well informed at the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and guided through this life altering decision. Now, 117 pound later, he is active and energetic. “I play with my kids, attend every event, volunteer whenever I can, and take afternoon walks on the beach with my wife again. I had missed so much, but now I have received a wonderful gift and I am so thankful to St. Vincent's and every member of the staff who supported and encouraged me through this process.”

Since gastric bypass surgery, life continues to get better for Jay. “Just the other day my 9-year old daughter gave me a big hug, smiled up at me and said, ‘Daddy I can get my arms around you now!’ It brought tears to my eyes.”.


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