Ashley did not come from a family of overweight people, it was just her. Her bad eating habits and lack of self confidence aided her weight issues. She was always a great student, but shied away from activities and playing with friends when she was younger. Then Ashley lost her Dad on September 11, 2001. A much quicker downward spiral of bad habits ensued both in eating and in daily life. At only 22 years old, Ashley had a serious asthma condition. She wasn't healthy, and she wasn't happy.

Research led her to a free seminar at St. Vincent's Medical Center Bariatric Surgery Center of Fairfield County in Bridgeport. Within four weeks of attending the seminar, she had her obesity surgery.

Five years and 122 pounds later, Ashley doesn't identify with her pre-weight-loss-surgery self anymore. "I was given a new lease on life, a renewed sense of self worth and self confidence," she said. "My outside wasn't a reflection of who I was inside."

Ashley is now happily engaged, pursuing a nursing career and has the confidence to dance and live her life. She works out almost every morning, but her energy is nonstop. She has the confidence to speak in front of large groups in memory of her dad and does stair climbs for people with asthma. "I used to live life everyday thinking about the expiration date, and now I focus on the future and what's next, all because of this surgery.


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