Speech Therapy

The ability to speak or be understood may seem simple, but for many it can be affected or even stopped by a physical disorder or condition. These problems can range from otolaryngology disorders and deafness to various developmental disabilities and brain injuries.

St. Vincent’s musltidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation therapy for impeded speech includes understanding the nature and cause of the problem and shaping a treatment plan based on these findings.

Our skilled, licensed speech therapists work with patients whose speech difficulties may have long caused frustration and loss of confidence, or may have only recently become a problem - as, for instance, after a stroke.

Whether the problem is a long-term condition or an unexpected medical development, our speech therapists follow St. Vincent’s core value of compassionate care in treating patients whose communication difficulties have disrupted their lives.

St. Vincent's Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Services provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary, professional approach to speech therapy. Therapy programs are based on specific evaluation of each individual’s needs, which are addressed by expert therapists using only the latest, most effective methods of therapy.


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