Occupational Therapy

St. Vincent's Medical Center’s Occupation Rehabilitation Services provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary, professional approach to promote your physical recovery.

Restoration, prevention and education

  • Restoration of wellness and function

  • Prevention of complications

  • Education to maintain your gains and promote ongoing success after your rehabilitation

Patients in need of occupational therapy can receive help relearning the skills of everyday life after they have been ill or injured. At St. Vincent’s, our skilled, licensed therapists help patients learn new ways to do tasks such as eat, cook, dress, use a computer, manage in a wheelchair or perform any number of tasks they need to relearn.

Your occupational therapist will collaborate with physical or speech therapists, nurses, and/or your primary care physician or specialist, as required, to coordinate your rehabilitation care.

You may need occupational therapy if you have had:
  • a stroke or other type of paralysis

  • lung disease 

  • broken bones that make it hard to do everyday tasks

  • a head injury, hand injury or surgery 

  • joint replacements 

  • severe vision problems, including blindness

  • any illness or injury that affects your ability to do your job

Your occupational therapist at St. Vincent’s will help you learn ways to do everyday tasks despite your disability or illness. These may include shortcuts or how to use adaptive equipment such as reachers, visual aids, special kitchen utensils or bathroom aids. Depending on the nature of your injury or condition, you may learn how to make hand splints or to do hand exercises. In addition, you will learn how to evaluate your home or workplace for ways to do things more easily and safely.
Occupational therapy services at St. Vincent’s are provided by licensed professional therapists who are dedicated to providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art therapy tailored to meet your individual needs.


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