Planning Your Visit

Your Visit at St. Vincent's Medical Center

The healthcare team at St. Vincent’s Medical Center welcomes you. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with safe, quality care. We want you to feel comfortable when you arrive and throughout your stay with us. St. Vincent's provides private rooms to all patients.

Pack lightly

You will be provided clothing to wear during your stay for medical purposes. Please bring only undergarments for the duration of your stay and something comfortable to wear home.

Leave Valuables at Home

Bring with you only necessary items such as your license (or other photo identification card), insurance information, essential eye care, and dental hygiene materials (please leave dentures at home), and cell phone.


Parking is located in the parking garage directly in front of the Medical Center. Should you require an escort to your car, or need additional assistance, please contact Security.

Wireless Internet

WIFI is available throughout St. Vincent’s Medical Center.


To place orders for meals, simply dial ext. 5300 from your room phone between the hours of 7am and 7pm. Click here for meal options, food service locations, and information about dietary services, including physician-requested special diets.

Patient Safety

Our staff follows national and state safety protocols and adheres to guidelines unique to the Medical Center. Your safety is our number one priority. Please review our Patient Safety Guide located in your room on how you can work with the staff to be your personal safety advocate. The Guide includes information on initiatives such as our Ruby Slippers Fall Prevention and SmartMoves safe lifting programs.

Designate a loved one to assist you 

Patients are asked to designate a loved one to serve as the primary contact for communication and decision-making. This designated individual has greater access to information on your progress and can serve as a point of contact to inform family and friends. Additionally, they partner with staff members and physicians to ensure you receive the most effective plan of care. 

Visitor Hours 

The Medical Center has generous visiting hours but to ensure the safety of all patients and guests we require identification from each visitor. We ask guests to understand that some patients, given their medical conditions, may require more rest than others and to be respectful at all times. For all patients except ICU and maternity, visiting hours are 6:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Family Birthing Center (Maternity) 

Families, siblings, relatives and friends are welcome to visit you and your newborn in our Family Birthing Center. Fathers and partners enjoy 24-hour visitation. We will accommodate all other visitors, while respecting the mother’s need for rest and privacy.

Special Care Nursery Visitation 

Our Special Care Nursery welcomes visits from parents and grandparents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Siblings, with proper immunization records, may visit their newborn sister or brother with their parents at their discretion.

Procedure Estimates and Information

You have the right to request cost and quality information about a procedure. Click here for more information.


Each patient has a case manager and a social worker available to assist with discharge needs. Our goal is to discharge you by 11am on your scheduled day. The case manager, who is a registered nurse, and the social worker, will collaborate to determine the safest and most appropriate discharge plan for you, and identify resources and support services, if needed. To contact the case manager or social worker, you may ask your nurse or telephone ext. 210-5608.

Support Groups

St. Vincent’s support groups available for you and your family include Pastoral Care Services and our Patient Family Advisory Board.  

Visitor Accommodations

Click here for a list of hotels near the hospital that can accommodate your visitors during your stay in the hospital.

Farmers Market

A variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables are available at the Farmers Market each Tuesday from July 10-October 30. Click here for more information.