Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Providing spiritual care for patients and families.

Contact Pastoral Care: (203) 576-5110

  • Chaplains are available from 8 am-8 pm daily.

  • An On-Call Chaplain is available from 8 pm through 8 am for emergency situations.

At St. Vincent’s Medical Center, we understand that pastoral/spiritual care helps both patients and their families and friends who love and support them. Pastoral Care services are available at St. Vincent’s to provide support and guidance when a patient, family member or friend is in need. 

St. Vincent’s religiously-diverse staff of professionally trained chaplains play an important role in St. Vincent’s comprehensive care mission for patients and their families. Working in tandem with the patient’s inter-disciplinary medical team, chaplains provide reverent, holistic care for the patient’s mind, body and spirit.

How Pastoral Care Can Help

Just like the physicians and nurses who care for your physical needs, chaplains help care for your spiritual needs, lending comfort to you and your loved ones. Whatever your religion, our chaplains can support you. When To Call A Chaplain:

  • When you feel scared about being in the hospital.

  • When you want to receive the Sacraments.

  • When someone close to you has died.

  • When you feel discouraged.

  • When you are asking God, ‘Why?’

  • When your family is upset.

  • When you’re facing a difficult decision.

  • When you have heard some bad news.

  • When you’re having surgery or a medical procedure.

  • When you need help contacting your clergy.

  • When you’re worried about someone else. 

How Chaplains Can Help  

  • Chaplains support and intervene in times of spiritual and moral distress.

  • Chaplains advocate on behalf of the patient.

  • Chaplains can facilitate in the patients plan of care.

  • Chaplains assess the impact of illness and crisis.

  • Chaplains provide End of Life care and support for patients and families. 

  • Chaplains provide a non-anxious listening presence and can help patients and families navigate in emergent situations.  

Visiting Clergy

Applications for Clergy Badges can be obtained during the day in our Pastoral Care Office, located on the Main level, next to the Chapel.

Days/Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8 am-4 pm. Info: (203) 576-5110.   

Pastoral Care Assistants

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