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At St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center, fighting breast cancer is not just treating the disease. It is about caring for all of you: body, mind and spirit. We deliver state-of-the-art breast cancer treatment and provide support services for you, your loved ones and your family. At St. Vincent’s, you are in trusted, experienced, caring hands.

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Personalized Breast Cancer Care

St. Vincent’s is at the forefront as a leader who provides superior breast cancer treatment and support services. Our team builds a treatment plan designed to fit your lifestyle and your medical needs. We don’t just want to get you in remission; we treat the fear and confusion that comes with the cancer journey by remaining by your side, from diagnosis through to survivorship.

Personalized Treatment Plan

A team of experts will develop a plan specifically for you. A multi-disciplinary tumor board is all of the physicians, surgeons, nurses and other specialists looking at your condition, as well as your lifestyle and other personal factors. Our center has a dedicated multi-discipline breast tumor board. From fellowship trained breast surgeons and radiologists with years of specific training in breast care to your nurse specializing in breast care navigation, you’ll have the sharpest minds in one room working for you. Working with you as a partner, we’ll develop a plan that no only gives you the best possible outcome, but also gives you treatment options that fit your personal lifestyle best.

"The nurses, the staff – they are so wonderful. I see them and get big waves in the hallways, with big smiles, asking how are you? The whole experience has been great for me, even though it’s traumatic and not fun. Without the team, I don’t think I’d be here." - Corrine, Southport, CT

Nurse Navigator

Your journey begins with your nurse navigator. She specializes in managing breast care plans. She answers your questions. She educates. She helps your family learn how they can help you. She arranges appointments. She coordinates care with your doctors, from your cancer team to your family doctor and other specialists. She’s always there for you.

State-of-the-art Technology

State-of-the-art technology means better results, shorter recovery and a happier you. Therapy drugs will be selected specifically based on your personal needs. In addition, our radiation treatment options include the Novalis TX, an advanced system that uses the least amount of radiation to just focus on the tumor, leaving healthy tissue intact and giving you shorter treatments and faster recovery times.

Collaborative Approach

St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center our cancer specialists hold weekly tumor board meetings to discuss treatment recommendations, the latest advances, and to review challenging cases.

Our Achievements

St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center has been recognized for providing excellence in treatment and care: 

  • St. Vincent's Breast Health Center was the first in the area to earn the Breast Center of Excellence distinction from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

  • St.Vincent’s Breast Health Center received the highest level of accreditation from the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. The Outstanding Achievement Award is granted to programs that have not only met standards set by the Commission on Cancer, but also exceeded compliance ratings for all designated standards. 


Dedicated Team of Experts

Meet St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center’s outstanding team:

Christopher Iannuzzi, MD

Chairman, Department of Oncology and St. Vincent’s Medical Director, Physician Services
Dr. Iannuzzi knew that he was inspired to help others when he worked with his pharmacist father as a teenager and observed the great care he took working with patients. Today, Dr. Iannuzzi has fulfilled that inspiration. He works with Cindy Czaplinski to guide cancer services at St. Vincent’s.

Anthy Demestihas, MD, FACS

Chairperson, Department of Surgery
Dr. Demestihas brings crucial personal experience to her patients: she is a breast cancer survivor, now in remission, after treatment by the hands of her trusted colleagues at St.Vincent’s. In addition to bringing decades of breast cancer surgery experience, she is a trailblazer: she is one of the few female Chairpersons of Surgery in the nation.

Kelly Harkins, MD

Director of Imaging
When she was just a young girl, Dr. Harkins grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s devoted her life to fighting the disease. Dr. Harkins leads the effort at St. Vincent’s to detect breast cancer. In addition to her decades of experience, she is a fellowship-trained radiologist, bringing a full year of detailed training specifically in mammogram reading to our community.

Ahmad Fotovat, MD

General Surgeon 
Dr. Fotovat, with over four decades of experience, learned more about breast cancer from his wife’s personal experience with the disease than any classroom could provide. Whether it is the newest approach or robotic surgery, Dr. Fotovat has excelled at combining his experience and warm demeanor with the latest technologies and advancements as they emerged. 

Brandi Buskey, RN

Breast Nurse Navigator
Brandi is the personal link between patients and their care team throughout the cancer journey. She educates patients, connects them with support, arranges appointments and is always on call when her patients just need someone to talk to. The physicians she works with continuously marvel at her compassion and dedication, she is the glue that keeps the care team connected to the patient.

Treatment to Survivorship: Support Services 

Your cancer journey impacts more than your breast. We’re here to treat all of you. This includes your family, your professional concerns and all of the stress that comes with this health challenge. These services connect you with inspiring survivors who have taken the journey before you. Many of our patients make lifelong connections at these services. Your nurse navigator will connect you with a variety of support options that include:

  • Emotional Support - Many patients find or return to their faith in these times and they find counselors who understand both the fear of cancer and the power of faith to be very rewarding. At St. Vincent’s Faith Counseling is available.

  • Mental Wellness - Breast cancer can be as much as a disease of the mind as it is the breast. We have counselors with deep experience in cancer care that will help you manage the demands of your personal emotions as well as your personal and professional relationships.

  • Peer Support - We can connect you with women who have been in your shoes, either individually or in one of our many support groups. Their personal perspective and encouragement will serve as an inspiration as you begin your own journey with them at your side.

  • Wellness - Yoga: Started by a cancer patient whose experience at St. Vincent’s inspired her to give something back, you’ll join other survivors to build strength, manage stress and celebrate your achievements together.

  • Healing Touch Massage and Acupuncture - Located in a peaceful, spa-like environment, we have specialists to help you manage stress and treat your body beyond the tumor.

  • Nutrition - Join other patients in our kitchen classroom as an expert leads you through practical nutrition demonstrations and tips to eat to make your body stronger during treatment and beyond.

  • Beauty and Body Image - Plastic Surgery and Prosthetics: If your treatment includes a mastectomy, there are more options than ever for you to keep a confident self-image about your body, from reconstructive surgery to prosthetic bras.

  • Beauty Shop - Our boutique includes a variety of fashionable accessories and wigs that won’t let your unique personality and individual look be shadowed by your treatment.

  • Community Support - In addition to community advocacy, St. Vincent's SWIM Across the Sound is a charitable, grass-roots organization that helps individual cancer patients on a case-by-case basis with specific needs, such as the funding of wigs and prosthesis, financial assistance, free transportation to treatments and appointments, day-care scholarships and support groups. Ask your navigator about these additional support opportunities.

Chairperson of Surgery Anthy Dimestihas, MD, FACS

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