Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery

Get your life and mobility back with the Orthopaedic Center at St. Vincent’s

You take mobility and sensation for granted until it is taken away. The Orthopaedic Center at St. Vincent’s offers a full range of services to help relieve pain and assist you in returning to an active lifestyle. St. Vincent's is recognized by The Joint Commission for our expert joint replacement programs for the hip and knee.

We offer a full range of services to help relieve pain and assist you in returning to normal as soon as possible. Whether you're an athlete who needs a knee replacement, a worker with a spinal injury, or you’re suffering from bone, nerve, or joint pain, you can rely on our team of highly skilled orthopaedic specialists and neurosurgeons to provide expert diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

St. Vincent’s orthopaedic physicians and neurosurgeons are dedicated to finding the right path to treatment for every patient whose pain or difficulty arises out of a musculoskeletal or neurological disease, condition, or injury. From our experts in sports medicine to our skilled surgeons able to perform time-proven, effective and reliable procedures, the gentler hands and sharper minds of the St. Vincent’s team can offer the help you need and put you on a path to feeling normal again.

"They put my mind at ease in preparation for the surgery and while going through rehab it was a wonderful group of people who knew how to provide the right level of support. I couldn’t be happier that I chose St. Vincent’s, everyone showed terrific empathy and wonderful care. " - David G.

What is a musculoskeletal condition or disease?

Musculoskeletal conditions and diseases are classified as issues or injuries involving your muscles, joints, or bones. A condition may be elective, such as hip or ankle surgery, or unplanned, such as a broken leg or fracture in a finger. The many medically or surgically addressed issues by orthopaedic specialists at St. Vincent’s include trauma and sports injuries, effects of degenerative disease, infections, tumors, or congenital conditions.

What is neurosurgery? 

Neurosurgery affects a person’s nerves, brain and spine. Surgery may be necessary due to a birth defect, injury, degeneration, cancer or other reasons. 

St. Vincent’s orthopaedic team: multidisciplinary, experienced, and ready

If you have ever experienced a serious joint, bone, or muscle issue, or have known the agony of a torn ligament or a ruptured disc, you’ll understand how valuable it is to have access to a team of physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists and other medical professionals who are all expert in their disciplines. There is no substitute for the comprehensive evaluation and care of the musculoskeletal system’s complex problems that patients receive at St. Vincent’s.

Our orthopaedic services include: 

  • Examination and consultation by orthopaedists at the top of their field
  • Imaging in our radiology department by board-certified radiologists with up-to-date training on advanced technological equipment
  • Nationally respected, highly skilled surgeons, when required, assisted by anesthesiologists experts in the most advanced, effective and safe anesthesiology and pain control methods
  • Skilled and experienced Orthopaedic Physician Assistants providing 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week
  • Physical therapists whose knowledge, training and expert methods promote faster healing and help you return to normal activity levels
  • Dedicated pain management physician for one-on-one consultation to create an individualized plan of care