Inpatient Heart and Vascular Care

St. Vincent’s Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Units offer a full-range of services to treat all cardiac conditions. We are dedicated to your immediate needs and to your physical and emotional recovery. Our compassionate care team understands the anxiety of being a cardiac patient. We seek to dramatically lessen your anxiety and to ensure that your stay with us will be a safe and comfortable one. 

St. Vincent’s Cardiovascular Units

Our 8th floor CVU specializes in the care of patients for their cardiac and vascular needs. It features eight cheerfully appointed single rooms equipped with state-of-the-art medical monitoring system that continuously feeds information to our nurses’ stations.

Our newly renovated Level 6 features 40 single rooms that are dedicated to patients in need of diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical cardiac interventions. It features:

  • 40-bed adult medical/surgical cardiac care unit with continuous telemetry monitoring. 
  • A Monitor Room that tracks the cardiac activity of patients with heart problems not just in the Cardiovascular Unit, but also throughout the floors of the hospital on a 24/7 basis.

St. Vincent’s Operating Rooms

St. Vincent’s state-of-the-art operating rooms (ORs) consolidate all major pre-and post-operative procedure areas. The ORs include eight pre-operative bays, 10 operating suites, and 12 post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) beds. The suite, incorporating the latest technology and design standards, also includes an endoscopy system for minimally invasive surgery, ample space, advanced lighting and modular storage built-ins.

Both the main OR and the Ambulatory Surgery Center, where same-day procedures are performed, feature a tracking system that improves communications between staff and family members, part of St. Vincent’s patient and family-centered approach to care.

Following surgery, the patient is typically moved to our Intensive Care Unit, or (ICU) for close monitoring.

Robot & Hybrid OR technology

St. Vincent’s is equipped with the most advanced model of robotic technology, the da Vinci® Robot SI System. We are also equipped with the Hybrid OR where both surgical and catheter-based vascular/cardiovascular interventions or operations are performed. This enables our care team at St. Vincent’s to provide you and your loved ones with the most advanced cardiovascular surgery and treatment. These new technologies are transforming cardiac surgery and interventions greatly contribute to the safety, comfort and outcomes for our patients. 

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