Medical Oncology at St. Vincent’s

Medical Oncology at St. Vincent’s Medical Center is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our medical oncologists at the Elizabeth M. Pfriem SWIM Center for Cancer Care determine the proper choices for treatment as well as how to administer the most effective, scheduled dosages of medication or other treatments.

Multidisciplinary Approach

At St. Vincent’s, our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care means our medical oncologists work in close collaboration with a team of radiation oncologists, surgeons, technicians, nurses and support staff, so we can offer you the best treatments that foster the best outcomes.

At St. Vincent’s, we offer two areas where cancer is managed and treated. These include a unit where you or your loved one receives treatments administered in the hospital. The second area is the Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC), which utilizes state-of-the-art technology designed if you or your loved one needs outpatient treatment services. 

Oncology and Hematology

Our center is staffed with highly experienced professionals with medical specialties in oncology and hematology. They focus on treating the whole person and not just the disease. Following the initial diagnosis of cancer, there are standard procedures to stage the disease followed by a determination of the most appropriate treatment that may involve multiple modalities, including surgery, radiation therapy and medications. 

Medical oncologists treat malignancies with medications that range from typical chemotherapeutic drugs to biologic agents.  Often, the administration of medication needs to be coordinated with the other modalities of surgery and radiation therapy, and so collaboration between medical, radiation and surgical oncologists is critical.

At St. Vincent’s Medical Elizabeth M. Pfriem SWIM Center for Cancer Care, our major focus is to offer personalized therapy whereby we identify specific characteristics of you or your loved one’s cancer. This effort reflects our commitment to provide the best care available in a compassionate environment that holds you and your loved one in the highest regard.

Ambulatory Infusion Center

St. Vincent’s Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC), located on the 3rd floor of the Elizabeth M. Pfriem SWIM Center for Cancer Care, is where you or your loved one receives chemotherapy, blood transfusions, intravenous antibiotics and other treatments in a warm, comfortable setting. The AIC is equipped with state-of-the art medical equipment and is staffed by experienced oncology nurses. The facility is furnished with comfort in mind. Reclining treatment chairs, each with personal flat screen plasma televisions, help patients through their treatments. For extended stays or medical reasons, treatments can also be provided in private rooms with hospital beds. An adjacent garden courtyard, located nearby, is a calming environment where you, your loved one and family members may relax outdoors.

The AIC is all about treating the mind, body and soul. At St. Vincent’s, you can expect compassionate care from our experienced staff through all phases of your treatment. 

Contact  Us

To reach our Ambulatory Infusion Center, please call (203) 576-5249. To reach Medical Oncology, please call (203) 255-4545