Psychiatry Inpatient Services

Adults in need of medical assistance for stabilization of an acute emotional or psychiatric crisis turn to St. Vincent’s inpatient services for compassionate care and support. Comprehensive inpatient acute psychiatric treatment is also available for children and adolescents, including those seeking treatment for mental health challenges and substance abuse. 

Inpatient services: children and adolescents

St. Vincent’s comprehensive and developmentally appropriate inpatient treatment for children and adolescents is available at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, and Behavioral Health Service, Westport Campus. We offer a safe, highly structured and supportive environment. The patient’s family is an integral part of our treatment process. Family members work with our staff to help implement and strengthen individualized treatment plans and to offer continued support.

Inpatient services: adults

St. Vincent’s inpatient treatment is designed to help adults experiencing acute psychiatric conditions, medical detoxification, and chemical and substance abuse dependency.

Treatment, under the clinical supervision of a St. Vincent’s board-certified psychiatrist, consists of a thorough evaluation of the individual's medical, psychiatric, social and occupational needs. The patient’s family is enlisted to work in concert with our team to assist with therapy and discharge planning.

St. Vincent’s Behavioral Health Services provides inpatient services and comprehensive treatment in two acute-care locations in Westport and Bridgeport:

  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Behavioral Health Service, Westport Campus 

    • Provides comprehensive psychiatric medical detoxification and dual-diagnosis treatment programs to address mental-health and addiction disorders. The adult inpatient program consists of 60 inpatient beds and provides patients with a safe, highly structured and supportive environment designed to encourage positive behavioral growth and improve functioning.

  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Behavioral Health Service, Bridgeport Campus

    • Offers inpatient psychiatric, medical detoxification and dual diagnosis treatment services for adults with mental health and substance abuse disorders in our 16-bed acute care unit.

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