Wound Care

Treatment is Available Now

If you have a wound that won’t heal, now is the time to seek treatment.

At St. Vincent’s Center for Wound Healing, you will receive the right diagnosis and the best treatment available for your non-healing wounds. 

Frequently defined as sores, these wounds are resistant to normal healing processes. When a wound shows no sign of improving within 30 days, even after standard medical treatment has been administered, it is defined as a chronic wound. Contributing factors include inadequate circulation, poorly functioning veins, and immobility. 

If you recognize these symptoms or warning signs, do not wait. Call us. Untreated wounds may result in serious medical consequences. 

Healing help at St. Vincent’s Center for Wound Healing is available now at our Trumbull and Stratford locations.

"They’re here to help you and they’re so gentle. You tell them what you need and they’ll help you. Grateful is beyond what you can say. " - Patty G.


Advanced Treatments to Heal Wounds

Our wound healing expertise utilizes state-of-the-art treatments. These include debridement, dressing selection, special shoes, and patient education. 

Advanced treatments include: hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered skin substitutes, biological and biosynthetic dressings and growth factor therapies. 

Attentive, Expert Medical Staff

At St. Vincent’s Center for Wound Healing, our expert medical staff consists of specially trained doctors and nurses who are dedicated to wound treatment. We work your primary care physician. Most health plans cover outpatient wound care. 

Meet Our Staff

Our specially trained, compassionate medical staff includes:

Are you a candidate for specialized wound care?

If you believe you might be a candidate for this outpatient program, call us. We will immediately work with you and your doctor. Ask your physician about a referral to our St. Vincent’s Center for Wound Healing. 

Medical Services 

Our medical services include:

• Advanced therapies
• Proven clinical protocols
• An individualized, comprehensive plan of care that brings you the most appropriate and effective treatments for your specific needs
• Assessment and ongoing care by our highly skilled team of wound care specialists, including a case manager who will oversee every aspect of your treatment
• Education for you and your family to help healing happen at home, including materials and resources related to prevention, nutrition, hygiene, and more
• Ongoing communication and collaboration with you and your doctor so that you each remain informed about your progress

Wound Care Center Partnership with the Healogics™ Network

Through a partnership with Healogics, St. Vincent's is able to provide a comprehensive offering for specialized wound care. 

Healogics is the world’s leading and largest wound care management company with almost 800 hospital partnerships delivering excellent evidence-based care to patients with chronic wounds. Healogics has been the nationwide leader in wound care for over 20 years, offering the most advanced modalities. 

Of special importance to St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Healogics traditionally achieve excellent clinical outcomes, including high limb salvage rates, a 90% healing rate within 31 median days-to-heal, and extremely high patient satisfaction.

Our Acheivements

St. Vincent's Center for Wound Healing has been recognized for providing excellence in treatment and care:

• 2016 Center of Diction for Outstanding Clinical Outcomes - Trumbull
• 2016 Center of Diction for Outstanding Clinical Outcomes - Stratford
• 2016 President Circle - Stratford

 Appointments & Admission

Patients may be referred by their physician, or may call St. Vincent’s Center for Wound Healing to make an appointment for evaluation by the Center’s team. 

The patient's initial appointment generally takes about an hour and the team will outline a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your wound. Wound healing requires the patient’s continued attendance for treatments. We will provide you with instructions to successfully care for your wound at home and outline specific steps you must take to assist and advance the healing process.

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