The Generations of St. Vincent’s

Many of our friends and neighbors were born right here, at St. Vincent’s - and it’s no wonder so many families continue trusting St. Vincent’s at every stage of life, and from generation to generation.

St. Vincent’s provides infant and child clinical and emergency-care services in comfortable, state-of-the-art settings such as our Family Birthing Center, Family Health Center, Emergency Department and neighborhood Urgent Care Walk-In centers. Our network of pediatricians throughout the community continues to grow, enhancing access for every member of your family.

Gentler Hands for Our Youngest Patients

From its beginnings, St. Vincent’s has acted on the principle that all members of our community deserve the best and most compassionate patient-focused care, and this vision of our role extends from the eldest to the very littlest of our area’s citizens. Infants and children require attention that is both sensitive and keenly mindful of their unique physical and emotional needs.

At St. Vincent’s, a network of skilled pediatricians, board-certified neonatologists, level II special care nursery (SCN) and dedicated pediatric nurses work together to provide optimum outcomes at every level of care for our young patients.

You make your family healthcare decisions, and we've hired you a personal assistant. The St. Vincent's Grow App

You juggle many roles--mom, wife, boss, daughter, and family chief medical officer. St. Vincent's can help make your family's health journey a little easier. The Grow app family health organizer manages your family's health appointments--from maternity to pediatrics and family medicine. Get advice, reminders, and schedule appointments on your smartphone. 

Kids don't come with an instruction manual, but we've got your back.

Text "Grow App" to (203) 349-6339 to download the app, or visit the app store for Apple and Android devices.  


To find a St. Vincent’s physician who can discuss your health concerns or those of a loved one, please click on our FIND A DOCTOR tool and search by specialty, practice, location or keyword. We’re here to help you locate the medical expert you need. 

To speak with someone at the front desk of the Medical Center, please call (203) 576-6000