Podiatry Services


Thomas Domanick, DPM is available at 1825 Barnum Avenue #302 in Stratford.  To schedule an appointment, please call (203)377-1777.




Your feet are vital to your health and mobility. If you are experiencing foot pain – whether minor discomfort or severe pain – we are here to help.  At St. Vincent’s, our podiatrists treat a range of foot related problems, from the simple to the complex. Whether you have injured your feet in sports-related activities, or are experiencing foot pain as a result of a serious medical condition, our podiatrists will identify the source of your discomfort. We are here to help you achieve pain-free mobility.


Foot-related pain is common. Contributing factors include age, bone structure, poor footwear, obesity, and or vascular, metabolic, or neurological diseases. At St. Vincent’s we identify, relieve and/or correct foot problems that arise from these and other causes. 

Among the conditions we treat include:

  • bunions (painful, hard bumps on the big toe joint toward the interior side of the foot) 

  • calluses, corns (skin that has thickened due to constant friction or pressure)

  • plantar fasciitis (warts that form on the soles of the feet)

  • fallen arches (flat feet)

  • sores that don’t heal

  • Morton's neuroma 

  • stress fractures

  • tarsal tunnel syndrome (compression of a nerve)