St. Vincent's MultiSpecialty Group (MSG)

The best medical services - close to home

Providers and Locations

St. Vincent’s MultiSpecialty Group (MSG) serves Fairfield and New Haven Counties with the best medical services - close to home. As one of the largest provider networks in the region, you and your family can choose among more than 300 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, board-certified within their respective specialties.

Our Mission: Keeping You Well

St. Vincent’s MultiSpecialty Group provides safe, high quality medical care with an emphasis on disease prevention and wellness. 

As an organization founded in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, our mission is to provide access to high quality, low cost services for primary care, acute and chronic disease management and complex surgeries. We continue to evolve, using best practices and proven technologies for healing, including high tech, robotic and minimally-invasive procedures.

Patients can choose from a wide spectrum of physician offices and in-hospital medical specialties including: primary care, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, breast health, urgent care, general surgery, urology, psychiatry, emergency care, oncology and hospitalist services.

Easy Access To Coordinated, Comprehensive Care

MSG’s physicians focus on providing a comprehensive, coordinated approach to healthcare for you and your family’s individual needs. 

  • As an affiliate of St. Vincent’s Medical Center, MultiSpecialty (MSG) physicians coordinate your primary and specialty needs with state-of-the art pathology, diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic services.  

  • We offer personalized patient care, taking time to listen to you, understand your concerns and needs, and help with your healthcare decisions.  

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Join the St. Vincent’s MultiSpecialty Group (MSG)

St. Vincent’s MultiSpecialty Group provides safe, high-quality medical care with an emphasis on disease prevention and wellness. We hope you will consider joining St. Vincent’s physician organization. The benefit to you? The best medicine - close to home, with expanded access to pathology, diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic services plus coordination of care for your patients.

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To find a St. Vincent’s physician who can discuss your health concerns or those of a loved one, please click on our FIND A DOCTOR tool and search by specialty, practice, location or keyword. We’re here to help you locate the medical expert you need.

To speak with a St. Vincent's Patient Resource Center, call (475) 210-7100.

To speak with someone at the front desk of the Medical Center, please call (203) 576-6000.