St. Vincent’s College

St. Vincent’s College is one of the region's premier health professions college in American higher education. 

Impact. The one essential criteria by which all colleges are defined. The innovative programs offered at St. Vincent's College have a significant impact on both students - and on the the community at large. Our graduates are leading the way in hospitals, clinics and preventative health sites, providing first-rate healthcare in the communities where they work and live.

"St. Vincent’s College is attached to the hospital and it truly gives an advantage to any other teaching institution for nursing or radiology. We come from the classroom right over to the hospital and we do our clinicals here. If you’re going to St. Vincent’s, you’ve got to step your game up because you’re going to be a real nurse. " - James, Oxford, CT

Opportunities for Learning

Affiliated with St. Vincent’s Medical Center, a major teaching hospital with clinics and centers that provide exceptional services, St. Vincent's College provides students with numerous opportunities to learn firsthand from experienced healthcare professionals in a variety of clinical settings. Students at St. Vincent's College also gain the unique experience to provide leadership and to address access to healthcare for the most vulnerable populations in our community. 

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St. Vincent's College