About Linette Rosario Tejeda, MD

Linette Rosario Tejeda, MD, is an internal medicine specialist with the Bridgeport Medicine.

Dr. Rosario’s interest in medicine dates back to her years in high school, where she enjoyed biology. “But mostly, I cared about others. And my mom suggested I look into medicine. I listened to my mom and here I am!” she said.

In her primary care practice, Dr. Tejeda sees a large number of Spanish-speaking patients. Born in the Dominican Republic, she is fluent in Spanish. “They feel more comfortable speaking to a physician that speaks their own language, and not only that, but has the cultural background, as well,” she said.

With a new baby, Dr. Rosario joked that her main hobby is changing diapers. But she was quick to add that her latest exercise passion is CrossFit.

If you’d like to contact Dr. Rosario Tejeda, please call the Bridgeport Medicine at (203) 382-2345.