Dispensary of Hope Bridgeport

Leading provider of pharmaceuticals to uninsured

Founded in 2003, the Dispensary of Hope is a leading provider of pharmaceuticals to uninsured patients through a growing network of dispensing sites across the country sustained by local partnerships. The Dispensary has collected and distributed tens of millions of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals and filled more than 200,000 prescriptions for patients who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

Please visit dispensaryofhope.org for more information. 

Physicians, we need your help

The Hope Dispensary of Greater Bridgeport needs continual support from local physicians who can donate excess, unexpired medications.

Please visit dispensaryofhope.org and click “Donate Meds” if you are able to contribute.

752 E. Main St. #170
Bridgeport, CT 06608
(203) 332-5653