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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

Name A Care Partner 

St. Vincent’s is committed to providing a patient-centered care model, by inviting patient's family and friends to partner with us to provide the best care possible. 

Who is a Care Partner?

A Care Partner is someone designated by the patient who can provide emotional, spiritual and physical support to him/her during the hospitalization. You can be a member of the patient's immediate family, such as a spouse, parent or sibling, or you can be a friend of the patient. The Care Partner program was designed to offer patients the opportunity to have someone close to them be involved in their care and partner with the healthcare teams during their hospital stay.

As a Care Partner, you will be given an ID badge to wear at all times that will give you access to the patient and easily identify you to the staff as a Care Partner. You may not give this badge to anyone else during the patient's stay.

Patients and Visitor Information - Care Partners

Upon admission, patients are asked to identify a family member or significant other to be their Care Partner. 

This will enable family members to become more involved in the health care process, communication with patient/family, nursing, case management, physicians and other members of the healthcare team will be enhanced as a result. 

The Care Partner program is rooted in the philosophy that a “healing partnership” between patients, families and the professional healthcare team will result in improved outcomes for the patient as well as an increased sense of safety and security. 

What are the benefits of being a Care Partner?

As a Care Partner, you may:

  • Act as family spokesperson and communicate information to other family members.
  • Have access to free parking and the ability to stay overnight (when appropriate). Overnight stays will be limited to one Care Partner.
  • Assist with patient care (personal care, feeding/food selection, walking, etc.).
  • Accompany the patient for select testing and procedures.
  • Limit or restrict patient visitors as requested / needed by the patient.
  • Work with hospital staff providing care for the patient.
  • Learn skills to provide home care.
  • Have access to the patient and their medical information (as approved by the patient).
  • Be given detailed instructions by the nursing staff to follow if the patient is on any isolation precautions.

How many Care Partners can a patient have?

Each patient may have up to two Care Partners.

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