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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT
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I lost 113 lbs. I exercise, eat right and stick with it day in and day out. This life change was mine to make and it was all about my health. Heidi - Weight-Loss Surgery Patient

St. Vincent's
Center For Wound Healing 

State of the art care for proper healing.  

Wound care and healing at St. Vincent’s begins when a physician or specialist determines that the nature of a specific wound or condition warrants a more aggressive treatment course. For wounds that resist healing after an extended period of standard therapy, treatment and care services by a team of expert physicians, nurses, technicians and staff within St. Vincent’s Center for Wound Healing can be implemented to achieve the goal of healing and return to a better quality of life. Our goal is to heal wounds within 16 weeks when complying with our plan of care. Currently we meet this goal 93% of the time.

An open sore or wound that does not close poses a clear danger to any patient, but in particular to diabetics, radiation therapy patients and others who may have compromised immune systems. It is important to understand the seriousness of such wounds, which can prove life threatening. Open sores help introduce bacteria and other pathogens into the body. The sooner the wound or sore heals, the fewer the complications suffered by the patient.

Our Wound Center also has two Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers. This therapy (HBO) is prescribed for very specific diagnoses, the appropriateness of which is determined by our highly specialized physicians. HBO is generally covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many HMOs and private insurance plans.

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