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Digital Breast Ultrasound

Mammography’s ‘Partner’ Technologies

St. Vincent's SWIM Women's Imaging Center (203) 576-5500

Five to 10 percent of mammograms do require additional testing. It could be a shadow that ends up being nothing or a suspicious speck that wasn’t there before. Most often, things prove fine after follow-up testing, and you’re on your way.

St. Vincent’s SWIM Women’s Imaging Center provides comprehensive services in both diagnostic and interventional radiology. The Women's Imaging Center uses digital ultrasound as an imaging tool in the management of an abnormal breast exam or abnormal mammogram.

Digital Breast Ultrasound – Sound waves can determine the character of an anomaly detected in the breast using a non-invasive ultrasound device that delivers images onto a screen without using X-rays or other radiation. Biopsies and cyst aspirations of the breast can be done with ultrasound guidance.

This painless procedure provides digital images that appear in seconds on a computer screen, revealing another diagnostic resource in the fight against breast cancer. 

While digital mammography remains one of the most advanced technologies available today, it is still only a two dimensional picture which can make it difficult to see tiny spots called “microcalcifications. 

Breast tomosyntheis, however, is 3-dimensional and is now considered best practice in the field of mammography as it can more readily detect these subtle signs of early cancer in women with dense breasts or other anatomic conditions.

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St. Vincent's SWIM Women's Imaging Center (203) 576-5500

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