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Bi-lateral breast MRI

Mammography’s ‘Partner’ Technologies

St. Vincent's SWIM Women's Imaging Center (203) 576-5500

Five to 10 percent of mammograms do require additional testing. It could be a shadow that ends up being nothing or a suspicious speck that wasn’t there before. Most often, things prove fine after follow-up testing, and you’re on your way.  St. Vincent’s SWIM Women’s Imaging Center has several resources to deliver accurate diagnosis.

Bi-lateral breast MRI

For women who are at high risk due to a family history or reasons, an MRI of both breasts, performed at the same time, is available in conjunction with regular mammography.

Bilateral Breast MRI is a non-invasive method of medical imaging that uses a strong magnetic field to obtain breast images. It provides 3-D images of breasts, chest wall, and the lymph nodes located under each arm. Bilateral breast MRI means the images are obtained at the same time. These high-resolution images allow specialists to make more accurate diagnoses and catch breast cancer at an earlier stage.

During the exam it is necessary to have an injection of gadolinium. The injection enhances your bilateral breast MRI images. Bilateral breast MRI is a useful tool for the detection and characterization of breast disease, assessment of local extent of disease and evaluation of treatment response. 

Benefits of a bilateral breast MRI

• Shorter scan times
• Single contrast material injection
• Faster interpretation of scan
• Increased patient satisfaction 

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