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Wellness Booth - Wednesday Screenings For Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Glucose, Lipids, Blood Pressure

Wednesday Wellness Booth - Heath screening options include cholesterol, blood sugar, glucose, lipids & blood pressure. Come and get checked right in the lobby of the Medical Center. Speak to a nurse and get results immediately! Fasting and small fee required for some tests.

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Family Birthing and Maternity Services, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

Why I TRUST St. Vincent's


Family Birthing and Maternity Services, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CTWhen Fairfield, Connecticut resident Laura Alibrandi delivered her twin boys, it was the culmination of an unexpected pregnancy. “At 41, I didn't think I'd ever get pregnant,” she explains.

But the FBC at St. Vincent's was very ready for her and husband Will when her water broke at 34 weeks. Connor and Drew were soon safely delivered, each weighing in at 5 Ibs. 7 oz., and were able to nestle in their father's arms while Laura recovered nearby.

The couple had taken every class, Laura says. "Will even sat through the one on breastfeeding with me!" "Do I get husband points for that?" Will asks. Laura laughs. “He’s kidding, but I know he felt as much a part of the process as I did. We were both impressed with the FBCs Baby-Friendly style and emphasis on nutrition and skin-to-skin bonding. We felt blessed that the doctors, nurses and staff made things so clear. The twins had to be in the NICU, so I worried.”

But everyone was so attentive and enthusiastic. They just took the fear away. “You couldn't have more encouraging people around,” concludes this happy new mother. “Everyone in the FBC was like family. They made these little guys as much a
priority as they were for us.”

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