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Family Birthing and Maternity Services, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

The Family Birthing, Midwifery &
Maternity Center

At St. Vincent's we have made a lifetime commitment to women with services that meet their needs. Our staff includes board-certified obstetricians and pediatricians, neonatalogists and perinatalogists, experts in maternal and fetal health, a genetic counselor, certified nurse midwives, two full-time lactation consultants and a staff of dedicated nurses who are breastfeeding support specialists.

Your baby, your way

Learn more about our options for new moms and dads including:  

  1. The Birthplace at St. Vincents & Midwifery Services
  2. St. Vincents Family Birthing Center Services

The Birthplace at St. Vincent's - Midwifery Experience

St. Vincent's Midwifery Services at The Birthplace at St. Vincent's

The Birthplace at St. Vincent's Medical Center includes two private birth suites where mothers can labor and deliver under the guidance of a midwife.  Although midwives deliver babies at several hospitals in the area, The Birthplace at St. Vincent’s is the only in-hospital “birthing center” offering midwifery services in Fairfield County.

The Birthplace at St. Vincent’s offers the advantage of natural, minimal intervention- delivery by a midwife to appropriate patients with the safety net of a medical center, and following birthing center protocols. 
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St. Vincent's Family Birthing Center

Our extraordinary Family Birthing Center features private suites that allow new mothers to comfortably remain in their own rooms throughout labor, delivery, recovery and their postpartum stay. 

Family Birthing and Maternity Services, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

Our newborn Special Care Unit provides neonatal expertise for premature, underweight and at-risk babies, with a full-time neonatologist and specially trained neonatal nurses. 

All FBC patients benefit from the fact that the services they may require are located in the Medical Center on the 5th floor.

These benefits include:

  • Ultrasound
  • High-risk obstetrical services
  • First-trimester fetal screening
  • Genetic and prenatal counseling 
  • Two fully equipped operating rooms
  • Multiple birth deliveries
  • Urogynecological services

The Family Birthing Center offers moms and dads-to-be the perfect complement of high quality care combined with the latest technology in an atmosphere of trust and caring. In the Antenatal Testing Unit, parents-to-be have the option of our maternal fetal screenings including prenatal testing and ultrasound, genetic testing and counseling, targeted ultrasound, fetal echocardiography and maternal pelvic health program. Learn more >

Comfort and support during this exciting time

Childbirth is the most complex and exhilarating of all human processes. Each mother-to-be and baby-to-come is unique; each “pair” experiences the journey together in a singular way. Yet virtually all expectant mothers have one thing in common, which is the desire to have their baby receive the best possible start, from conception to birth and beyond.

St. Vincent's shares that desire and encourages you to learn more about our many options.

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