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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

Trauma Surgery

ST. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport Connecticut

Trauma surgery is a surgical specialty involved in the invasive treatment of physical injuries, typically in an emergency setting. Trauma is the branch of surgical medicine that deals with treating injuries caused by an impact. At the Michael J. Daly Center for Emergency and Trauma Care, trauma patients are typically the victims of car crashes or violent crimes. Trauma can also be caused by falls, crush type injuries and pedestrians being struck by a car. 

Trauma surgeons generally complete residency training in general surgery and then complete fellowship training in trauma or surgical critical care. The trauma surgeon is responsible for the initial resuscitation and stabilization of the patient, as well as ongoing evaluation and management.

In the case of severe trauma, such as a catastrophic car crash, the trauma surgeon may be one member of a surgical team that includes vascular surgeons (to repair damage to blood vessels), orthopedic surgeons (to repair broken bones) and other surgeons as needed. The attending trauma surgeon leads the trauma team, which typically includes nurses and support staff as well as resident physicians.

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