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Bariatric Weight Loss Success Stories



The conversation was not an unfamiliar one. The bariatric surgery subject had come up numerous times during her doctor's visits. They all agreed that she needed to get her "levels" at a healthy place. "It all dawned on me at once," Beth said. "The numbers don't lie." She was borderline diabetic, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

"I was basically killing myself and that scared me." She decided to make the leap and attend a free seminar with the weight loss surgeons at St. Vincent's Medical Center's Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence in Bridgeport. She left that night positive and very excited. True to her inner self, within two months, the weight reduction surgery was over, and she was on the road to getting healthy.

Today she speaks of her obesity surgery as a tool, one of many, to help her make a plan for life. One of her biggest milestones was the day she took off her wedding rings after more than 10 years. She is a take-charge kind of person. She owns her insurance agency. One of Beth's greatest joys was shopping and now she can really enjoy it again. Every ten pounds lost, she buys herself a gold charm to celebrate!

Beth is a believer and truly thinks things happen for a reason. After her weight loss leveled off from strictly dieting, she decided to join a gym with her two sons. Now she's a spokesperson and model for her gym, receiving more gym perks than she could ever afford. You can find Beth there six days a week, working out with a trainer, doing workout video blogs, taking cardio Zumba classes and loving her new-found community of support.

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