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Bariatric Surgery Center

Bariatric Weight Loss Success Stories


My Weight Is Over - St Vincent's Medical Center

Andrea loves her Bingo! Every week she and her group of gals enjoy an exciting night of games. Though the idea of bariatric surgery scared her at first, she did not want to end up like the seniors coming to Bingo in wheelchairs. They were not able to walk around and socialize as they pleased. She decided she had to do something before she ended up in their shoes.

Andrea had been hospitalized at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport many times for asthma attacks. She had fluid buildup in her legs, which made it very hard for her to walk. "I've tried every diet program ever invented!" she said. Finally, she picked the bariatric team of weight loss surgeons at St. Vincent's Bariatric Surgery Center of Fairfield County and has loved them from the beginning.

I've done everything my doctor has told me," Andrea said. "Before, when I walked into a room, I was always the biggest one. I could barely breathe trying to keep up with my friends at the mall." One hundred and fifteen pounds later, she thanks God for her doctor and St. Vincent's Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence. Andrea now loves life with her two cats and new body!

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