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Wellness Booth - Wednesday Screenings For Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Glucose, Lipids, Blood Pressure

Wednesday Wellness Booth - Heath screening options include cholesterol, blood sugar, glucose, lipids & blood pressure. Come and get checked right in the lobby of the Medical Center. Speak to a nurse and get results immediately! Fasting and small fee required for some tests.

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Bariatric Surgery Center

Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories



Ronda had been concerned with her weight all of her life. She went to her first Weight Watchers meeting when she was 12 years old. Then many years later, she watched her mom pass away from weight related-issues, and she swore to herself that she would not let it happen to her. "As a homecare nurse, everyone expects you to be healthy," said Ronda.

"I would try to exercise and then after five minutes I would have to lie down." She did her research on bariatric surgery, weight loss surgeons and Connecticut weight loss centers... and she chose St. Vincent's Medical Center Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence. Now she doesn't have to come home from work and take a nap. Since obesity surgery, she can do her own housework, instead of hiring outside people to clean and she's excited to do it!

Between diet and exercise, she lost almost 100 pounds in six months. "The funniest thing about my weight loss is seeing my own reflection in store mirrors and thinking someone el se is walking toward me. The physical change happens so quickly, you have to identify with yourself as a smaller person," Ronda said. "The life change however, is a permanent process, a welcomed job that will never be done."

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