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Bariatric Surgery Center

My Weight Is Over: Our St. Vincent's Weight Loss Surgeons

St. Vincent’s weight-loss surgeons and surgical team are experts in weight-loss surgery and are dedicated to helping patients like you meet your weight loss and quality of life goals. Surgical procedures are performed at St. Vincent's Medical Center, an approved "Bariatric Center of Excellence®".

Meet Our St. Vincent's Bariatric Surgeons,
Fairfield County, CT

Tim Ehrlich  craig    neil 
Tim Ehrlich, M.D., FACS
St. Vincent's
Medical Center
Bridgeport CT
  Craig Floch, M.D., FACS
Director Of Bariatrics
St. Vincent's
Medical Center
Bridgeport CT
  Neil Floch, M.D., FACS
St. Vincent's
Medical Center
Bridgeport CT

Abraham Fridman  
Abraham Fridman, MD
St. Vincent's
Medical Center
Bridgeport CT


Meet our Bariatric Coordinator


Victoria DiNardo, R.N.,

Bariatric Coordinator
St. Vincent's Medical Center
Bridgeport Ct

Meet our Physician Assistants


Megan Watson, P.A.-C

St. Vincent's Medical Center
Bridgeport CT

 rCipolla Rebecca Cipolla, P.A.-C

St. Vincent's Medical Center
Bridgeport CT


Meet The Surgical and Recovery Care Team


St. Vincent’s bariatric surgical team members are experts in weight-loss procedures and are dedicated to bariatric cases. The OR team includes the bariatric surgeon and his assistant, a bariatric nurse, a bariatric anesthesiologist, a registered nurse and a surgical technician.All staff members in our pre and post-op units have been formally trained in bariatric sensitivity and treat all of our patients with the utmost respect. ms4Our team specializes in the perioperative care of the bariatric patient. This specialization brings added safety to our patients. You can rest assured that your surgical team is dedicated to your care and the special needs you bring to us.

ms2 Our Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) nurses who are assigned to care for weight-loss surgery patients in the hospital also have had education and experience in common bariatric post-op issues and complications. These registered nurses are focused on your ms3immediate recovery phase and they will ensure safe recovery from the anesthetics used during your surgical procedure. These nurses are certified in critical care and they bring to you the same knowledge and expertise of any intensive care nurse. Our focus is to provide you with the very best care and ensure you the safe and positive outcome you should expect at St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Meet St. Vincent's Bariatric Post-Op Team

10SouthStaff1After being stabilized in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) after bariatric surgery, the patient will be transferred to the medical/surgical unit on level 10 South. Our nurses, certified nurse assistants, and other allied staff on our medical/surgical floor are healthcare professionals who have undergone extensive, specialized education and training in weight-loss surgery and all of its facets. They follow standardized patient-care protocols in order to provide consistent, compassionate care and support for the obesity surgery patient.

Although we cannot guarantee this, we do our best to provide private rooms to better ease the recovery process and make ambulation after surgery more easily accessible.

10SouthStaff2Overall, the staff at St. Vincent’s Medical Center is dedicated to caring for the bariatric patient before, during and after weight-loss surgery. Our dedication shows in the bariatric sensitivity training we also give to all of our employees and volunteers within the medical center. We hope your stay with us is well-experienced and meets all of your expectations.

Call us to learn more: 877-255-7847

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