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Bariatric Surgery Center

My Weight Is Over

Welcome to St. Vincent's Bariatric Surgery Center

Call us to learn more: 877-255-7847

St. Vincent's Bariatric Surgery Center is a center for weight loss surgery. We're located in Fairfield County CT but provide weight loss surgical procedures for people throughout New Haven County and Westchester County as well. Our CT weight loss surgery center is ready to help you learn more about your weight loss surgery options, including Sleeve GastrectomyRoux en Y Gastric Bypass surgery and Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band surgery for weight loss. 

Are you asking: 'How do I lose weight? How do I get and stay healthy?

Our Bariatric surgeons will review your weight loss surgery options and answer all of your questions at one of our FREE WEIGHT LOSS SEMINARS.  When you learn how weight loss surgery works and how others have had successful weight loss surgery through bariatric surgical procedures,  you too can lose the weight for good by choosing a bariatric weight loss path that's right for you.


Weight loss through bariatric surgery

Have you had enough with being over-weight? Are you ready to learn more about your options for weight loss through bariatric surgery?  Congratuations on taking the first step.  Knowlege is power so read on and learn more about the weight loss bariatric surgery program at St. Vincent's Medical Center.

Patients who contemplate weight-loss surgery for a long time tend to understand it is not a quick fix.  They recognize bariatric surgery can be an effective tool – but that sacrifices will be necessary to achieve their goal and maintain it. 

At St. Vincent’s Medical Center, we take weight loss surgery and the needs and goals of our patients very seriously.  It is our responsibility to educate and support each individual about their weight-loss surgery options.  Don’t wait for weight-loss – learn more and know your options now by registering for a free, no-obligation, informational seminar

Call us to learn more: 877-255-7847

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