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Pharmacy Services, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

Inpatient Pharmacy Services: 

St. Vincent's Hospital PharmacySt. Vincent’s Medical Center inpatient pharmacy provides over 6600 doses of medications each day to patients during their stay in the hospital and ambulatory care areas. 

There are over 2000 medication items available for use in the Medical Center.  More than 50 individuals, including pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians, are employed to coordinate the purchasing, proper storage, dose preparation, and delivery of these doses. 

Pharmacists also participate in the medication use process by evaluating medication orders for appropriateness of indication and dose and checking for issues related to allergies, duplication of therapy and drug interactions. 

Pharmacists run medication dosing programs, collaborate with physicians to change medications from injections to tablets when patients are ready, provide education about medications to patients, nurses, and doctors, and help vaccinate employees of the Medical Center.

Safety during your hospital stay

• What we are doing to ensure medication safety in the hospital – The pharmacy staff uses bar code technology to provide accurate and timely medication doses.  Sterile products such as injections are prepared by specially trained professionals in a controlled “clean room” which meets rigorous and nationally recognized quality controls.  Nurses use smart IV pumps which help prevent incorrect doses of IV medications.  All staff has undergone training related to safety.  Whenever a safety concern occurs, pharmacist “huddle” together and with other health care providers to talk and resolve the concern quickly.  Pharmacy employees are recognized as safety heroes in the Medical Center. 

• What you can do to participate in improving medication safety in the hospital?

Addressing Medication Shortages – Medication shortages are an unfortunate reality in health care today.  The Pharmacy team works closely with your doctors to make sure we provide the treatment you need.

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Experiential Education of Pharmacy Students

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