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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

Hospital Medicine and Hospitalist FAQs

What are the qualifications of a hospitalist?

Each St. Vincent’s hospitalist is board certified as an internal medicine or family medicine physician. 

As part of a team available on a 24/7 basis, our hospitalists provide expert medical care to hospitalized patients or consulting services to the Emergency Department (ED) when ED physicians request it.

Our hospitalists are typically able to coordinate effectively in situations that require a multi-disciplinary approach as, for instance, when a hospitalized patient has various medical conditions.

Is every member of a Hospitalist Service team a physician?

Hospitalists are always physicians, but there are other members of the hospitalist team. At St. Vincent’s, the team includes skilled, experienced nurse practitioners and physician assistants, each qualified and licensed to perform specific medical services.

What’s the advantage of a hospitalist team?

Your care and condition as an inpatient at St. Vincent’s is constantly monitored by our skilled and dedicated nurses. The hospitalist team - which is already familiar with you as a patient - stays in close communication with these nurses and is able to respond within moments of a sudden or serious situation when your primary care doctor (PCP) or specialist may not be available. Under this arrangement with our hospitalist team, your physicians, family and you are assured that immediate physician response occurs as soon as it is required. 

Do hospitalists perform other functions besides patient care?

The hospitalist team at St. Vincent’s includes clinical educators with strong skills in internal-medicine patient care as well as in multidisciplinary medical leadership and the optimization of hospital resource utilization. 

Hospitalists who are members of St. Vincent’s Department of Medical Education supervise medical students and residents and have a wide range of scholarly interest. They are frequently involved in implementing and participating in hospital initiatives.

I’m about to have a heart bypass operation at St. Vincent’s. Does that mean I’ll have a hospitalist involved?

Hospitalists are generally referred at the specific request of a patient’s PCP or specialist. Your PCP or cardiologist may have already arranged for your team.  Will the Hospitalist Service team continue to provide outpatient care once I am discharged from the hospital? Your St. Vincent’s hospitalist team is only involved in inpatient care or in response to requests from our Emergency Department. Patients who don’t have a PCP are referred to one for follow-up visits before they are discharged.

Are there times when a hospitalist is not available?

No. At St. Vincent’s hospitalists are available around the clock, seven days a week.

For a complete listing of services performed by members of our hospitalist teams, visit our Services page.

For a list of our St. Vincent’s Hospitalist Service team members, we invite you to visit our Find A Hospitalist page.

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