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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

St. Vincent’s Club 50/Boomers

St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT Department Of Medicine

St. Vincent’s Club 50/Boomers is an organization for people age 50 and over who are interested in maintaining their health through educational programs and social events.

Membership is free and entitles you to discounts for a variety of programs from health screenings to excursions. You will also enjoy discounted parking and meals at St. Vincent’s, and discounts on prescription drugs at most pharmacies.   

Benefits of Membership

Your membership in Club 50/Boomers  entitles you to participate in the following programs sponsored by St. Vincent's:

  • ScriptSave: A prescription discount (brand-name and generic) program
  • Healthtalk: St. Vincent’s newsletter to the community, featuring articles of interest and announcing lectures, events and Club 50 cruise opportunities.
  • Women at Heart: St. Vincent’s cardiovascular services custom designed for women
  • Discounts on hospital meals and parking

Why Join Club 50/Boomers?

Membership in St. Vincent’s Club 50/Boomers is FREE, and anyone can join. Today people are extending "mid-life" well into what used to be thought of as old age, but that requires getting the best healthcare services and safeguarding your health with a wide range of prevention and wellness programs.

Club 50/Boomers is for active and engaged people who have a lot of living to do. The Baby Boomers and the generation before them have proven to be among the most active, interesting and productive generations in our history. They have made great contributions to our nation.

St. Vincent’s Club 50/Boomers helps you  enjoy the fruits of your labor as you enjoy retirement, advance toward it, transition to a new career, or begin the next level of your current working life. In addition to volunteering, supporting the arts, encouraging youth in your families and communities to seek the best in themselves, membership is another option to help you keep active and healthy.

Programs include health screenings, lectures and wellness programs designed to support your lifestyle and promote good health.

Find out why so many area folks in YOUR generation have already joined!

Sign Up

To sign up, receive a brochure or learn more about St. Vincent’s Club 50/Boomers, please call 203-576-5111 or email

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