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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

About St. Vincent's Department of Medicine

Physicians that meet your needs

Integrating our community based doctors with the hospital’s staff of full-time physicians hospitalists means that the physician you have been seeing in the office can stay involved in your care. At the same time, if you are admitted to a special care unit and require specialists who would be available around the clock, these professionals stand ready to fill that need.

Protocols and treatment

The latest, most effective protocols and treatments are offered by the Department of Medicine, always within the context of your individual physical makeup and condition. In addition, they are used only if, after assessing all information, their application is advised. Care is taken to provide them in a coordinated manner to best benefit our patients, with attention to not putting patients through unnecessary, expensive testing or promoting procedures that are not required.  

Internal medicine and sub-specialties

Virtually all general internal medicine and sub-specialties of internal medicine are represented within St. Vincent’s Department of Medicine. You can access these individually and learn more about them by selecting from the alphabetically listed topics (left). Each section of this site provides an overview of the discipline or directs you to its appropriate department if it’s not within ours, with services noted and resources, data and other information presented where appropriate.

Contact us

To find a St. Vincent’s physician who can discuss your health concerns or those of a loved one, please click on our FIND A DOCTOR tool and search by specialty, practice, location or keyword. We’re here to help you locate the medical expert you need.

To speak with a St. Vincent's Care Line representative, call (877) 255-7847

To speak with somone at the front desk of the Medical Center, please call (203) 576-6000

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