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Eating Your Way to a Long and Healthy Life

Provides information and resources for healthy eating during and after treatment, along with dietray tips and modificaitons to help imporve overall wellness and health.

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Graduate Medical Education at St. Vincent's Medical Center

Our Radiology Residents


Augustin, Keni, MD – G5
Fardanesh, Reza, MD – G2

Gupta, Nishant, MD – G3
Jeyakumar, Thanuja, MD – G2
Karamanian, Ara, MD- G5
Oatis, Kristi, MD – G5

Osunsade, Olalesi, MD – G3

Velasco, John Paul, MD – G4

Wagner, Matthew, MD – G5
Weiner, Steven, MD – G4
Zahra, Mahmoud, MD – G3

Zaklama, Anthony, MD – G4

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