Discover the Rewards of Volunteering at St. Vincent’s

There are so many rewards to be received from volunteering. Helping others and feeling good are two that come to mind!

The truth is – people who volunteer their time actually feel better about an uncertain world and economy, about life and humanity. Many have discovered that happiness is appreciating what they have and sharing it with others. Changing our perspective on ourselves and the world can help us discover new ways in which to make ourselves feel better by taking action and helping others.

Where You’re Needed

St. Vincent’s has volunteer opportunities to help reclaim some of our personal power by finding ways in which we can help to make things better. St. Vincent’s volunteers, a group of almost 400 strong, provide assistance to our patients, families and visitors and support our staff in many departments within the Medical Center, including:

What You’ll Be Doing

Our volunteers may work directly with our patients, acting as Liaisons, companions, greeters, create and distribute comfort prayer shawls and blankets or perform clerical functions throughout the Medical Center.

What’s Your Commitment? 

St Vincent’s Volunteers commit to a minimum of three to four hours per week, over a six month period and are eligible for meal vouchers, complimentary garage parking and other benefits.

Explore Your Options Today!

To be considered for a Volunteer opportunity, please complete the:

Volunteer Services application 

To be considered for a Junior Volunteer, please complete the:

Junior Volunteer Services application 

Please note: The minimum age for volunteering at St. Vincent's Medical Center is 16 years.  

Contact Us

Email us at volunteers@stvincents.org or call (475) 210-5111

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