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News and Featured Stories from St. Vincent's Medical Center
Published: 06/03/2011

St. Vincent's Medical Center Doctors named
"Top Docs 2011"!

The results of Connecticut Magazine's exclusive survey names sixty three of St. Vincent's Physicians.

top docAs anyone who has received health care in Connecticut—and that's pretty much all of us—can attest, we enjoy ready access to some of the finest physicians in practice today.

This state is also home to many of the nation's top health-care facilities—highly respected centers that provide expert treatment, research and instruction. In short, Connecticut is a busy, competitive, up-to-the-minute player in the world of modern medicine—making it a special honor for the "Top Docs" listed on the pages that follow to have been picked by their peers.

We recently sent more than 5,000 questionnaires to doctors from one end of Connecticut to the other, asking them to recommend a doctor (other than themselves) to whom they would send a loved one for expert medical care. In this year's survey, the focus was on eight specialties, including four new areas: bariatric medicine, nephrology, plastic and reconstructive surgery and pulmonary medicine.

We then took the top vote-getters in those categories and combined their names with all those doctors who finished at the top of our surveys from the years 2008 to 2010—making sure to update all necessary information as we went along.

The result is our largest group of Top Docs ever—837 doctors in 29 categories, the result of more than 15,000 questionnaires sent out over a four-year period. With such a wide array of specialties covered, this issue of Connecticut Magazine makes a very good place to begin your search for medical help.

As always, we like to say that every physician who makes the list is a good one, or at least a recommended one, but not every good physician in the state makes the list. Because of that, we suggest you use this list as a reference, not the final word. You must ultimately do your own due diligence and decide which doctor is right for you or your loved one." stated representatives from Connecticut Magazine.

St. Vincent's Medical Center
TOP DOCS 2011 -

Allergy & Immunology Bariatric medicine
Kenneth Backman MD

Craig Floch MD
Neil Floch MD

Endocrinology Family Medicine

Maria Guoth MD
Glenn Rich MD

Domenic Casablanca MD

Gena M. Cobrin MD
Edward T. Grossman MD
Wang Lam MD
Edwin G. Levine MD

Kenneth Mauer MD
Julie E. Spivack MD
Strick J. Woods MD
General Surgery Geriatric Medicine

Jitendra B. Bharucha

Pamela B. Hoffman MD
Internal Medicine Nephrology
Steven Fisher MD
Frank Spano MD

Irwin Feintzeig MD
William Hunt MD
Paul Nussbaum MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology Oncology & Hematalogy
Leah Darak MD

Kenneth A. Dressler MD
Neal A. Fischbach MD

Opthalmaology Otolaryngology
Delia Manjoney MD

Tom K. Coffey MD
Lawrence J. Fliegelma MD
Richard A Levin MD
Adam W. Pearl MD
Douglas A. Ross MD

Pediatrics Physical Medicine
Robert Chessin MD
Elin Cohen MD
Richard Freedman MD
Charles Hemenway MD
Daniel Sheehan MD
Podiatry Pulmonary
Alan Feldman MD

Daniel Rudolph MD
Philip Simkovitz MD

Radiology Rheumatology
Steven Cohen MD
Ian Karol MD
Ruben Kier MD

Michael Cassetta MD
Geoffrey Gladstein MD
Germano Guadagnoli MD

Surgery Neurosurgery
Ahmad Fotovat MD
Steven Hirshorn MD

Kenneth Lipow MD
Patrick Mastroianni MD
Abraham Mintz MD
Michael Opalak MD
Perry Shear MD
Gary Zimmerman MD

Ortho Surgery Plastic Surgery

Dante Brittis MD
Rolf Langeland MD
Robert Stanton MD
Robert Dawe MD

David Passaretti MD
Thoracic Surgery Urology
James Lettera MD
Rafael Squitieri MD

Lawrence Muldoon MD
Jeffrey Small MD
Nicholas Viner MD
Howard Zuckerman MD

St. Vincent's Medical Center is pleased to recognize and congratulate our top docs, based on the April 2011 survey in Connecticut Magazine. Contact information for our physicians listed here can be found on the website's physician directory or by calling our CareLine at 1-877-255-SVHS or visit us online at

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