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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

CPR for Children and Infants


American Heart Association course on CPR and obstructed airways in children and infants. Classes offered St. Vincent's Medical Center Programs, Support, Events and Classesfor HealthCare Provider and General Public (certified and non-certified classes).

Most parents never need it, but when you do, you really DO. This class, available monthly, brings you up-to-date on the techniques of infant/child CPR that differ from methods used on adults but that can save precious young lives.

Learn how to protect infants and children in the event of an injury. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and injury prevention are taught in this concentrated course. Great for parents, family members and baby sitters.

Advanced registration required. CALL 576-5310 for details, dates and times.

The fee for this class is $45/person or $70/couple.

This class is offered monthly.  Please call 576-5310 for details, dates and times.

St. Vincent's Medical Center
2800 Main Street Bridgeport, CT 06606

CPR for Children and Infants Facilitator


Geryl Reid

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