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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

Family Health Center (FHC)

Community Healthcare at St. Vincent's Medical CenterSt. Vincent’ s Family Health Center (FHC), located at 762 Lindley Street, Bridgeport, CT,  provides quality care for the whole family in one convenient location, with pediatric services, adult medical care, geriatric care and specialty services. Its services are provided to those in the Bridgeport community who are uninsured, underinsured, low-income, handicapped, homeless or frail elderly.

The FHC brings a private practice model of care to those who often lack continuity of care, followup and preventive and personalized services. The FHC allows St. Vincent’s to put its mission in action, the mission of the Daughters of Charity, who founded the Medical Center in 1903. Families in the Bridgeport community can access a number of services offered through our community health care at St. Vincent’s FHC.

Family Health Center Services include:

Primary Care:
Newborns, children through age 18, adult and geriatric patients are seen and treated by one of our physicians or nurse practitioners for complete physical exams, vaccinations, medical tests and care of general health needs and concerns. Geriatric services are provided to older patients who may be treated in our on-site specialized Geriatric Clinic.

Newborns and children up to age 18 are seen by a pediatrician or nurse practitioner. Children are given physical exams, vaccinations and treatment when they are sick.
The FHC offers board-certified pediatricians and experienced nurse practitioners.
Children must be accompanied to appointments by a parent or legal guardian.

Medical Tests:
If you need to have blood drawn, an EKG, or a routine mammogram, the FHC is able to provide these services on site. A shuttle bus can transfer you to St. Vincent’s Medical Center if any further testing is needed. These tests must be ordered by a physician.
Surgical Care:
Patients can be seen by a board-certified surgeon to discuss if surgery is needed to treat a health problem. We see patients for before and after-surgery checkups. The surgeons also perform minor surgical procedures at the FHC.

Specialty Services:
Health services with specialty physicians are available through St. Vincent’s FHC for treatment of cardiac problems, infections, neurological disorders and for the treatment or maintenance of a variety of diseases and conditions. Appointments with our specialists are made after one of our primary care physicians provides a referral.

Nutritional Counseling:
Nutritional counseling services with our registered dietitian are available to patients to help with the maintenance of weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or other conditions requiring special diets. Appointments are necessary.

Physical Therapy:
We offer direct one-on-one, hands-on evaluation and treatment with a licensed therapist in our FHC.  Our therapists are dedicated to maximizing your recovery and function with tailored exercises, modalities and home exercise programs.

Social Services:
We can help if you are having financial, emotional or domestic difficulties or other problems affecting your health. Our FHC social workers are available and can help you find ways to cope with and resolve these issues.

Interpreter services:
Interpreter services include sign language interpretation for the hearing impaired.

Financial Counseling:
 Patients who are eligible for charity care or a discount on the health care provided through our center can meet with our financial counselor to discuss ways to pay for or reduce medical costs. Our financial counselors may be able to help you find ways to pay for or reduce your medical bills, and find out if you are eligible for charity care or a discount on the health care given through the FHC.

Hours/Emergency Care:
The FHC offers a patient-friendly expanded schedule with access from 8am to 6pm including convenient lunch-hour appointments for working parents.

24/7 Answering service with on-site MD in Medical Center available to see patients in urgent care as needed after hours. Patients should call 203-576-5131.

Financial Aid and Insurance Assistance

Would you like to speak with one of our financial aid representatives or learn more about St. Vincent's financial assistance programs? Read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding bill pay or financing hospital services,  call us and make an appointment, or download, print and fill out a financial aid application here.

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