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St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport CT

St. Vincent's Community Benefit Program Detail

St. Vincent's Medical Center Programs, Support, Events and ClassesEvaluation

St. Vincent’s constantly evaluates our Community Benefit Program to keep it dynamic and relevant to the communities it serves.

Program Delivery

The organization is structured to deliver and sustain the desired community service and outreach to those most in need.

  • Resources are used effectively to accomplish community benefit goals.
  • Programs and activities properly reflect the organization’s commitment to excellence.
  • Programs and services are making an impact and that impact is measurable.
  • We are being “good stewards” of our community benefit resources by spending them where they are most needed and will do the most good.
  • All participants in our programs are treated with dignity and respect.

Giving Back

In addition to the direct benefits our programs provide for the people it serves, St. Vincent’s Community Benefit Programs & Activities also gives “service” a visible presence in the community and reminds others the importance of “giving back.”

  • Serves as a vehicle for attracting and effectively using donated funds.
  • Encourages philanthropy from community individuals and local companies.
  • Encourages other organizations to be “responsible citizens” and give back to their communities.
  • Encourages community individuals to “get involved” and offers local volunteers an opportunity to make a difference in their neighborhood.
  • Identifies and promotes needs that may have been previously unidentified to the community at large.

Scope and Reach

St. Vincent’s is proud to have offered more than 56 programs last year at a cost of over $15 million reaching more than 29,516 people in the greater Bridgeport community we serve.

  • More than 35 Community Health Improvement Service Programs served 30,000 people in our community last year with educational programs, clinics and healthcare services.
  • Cardiology & oncology seminars, wellness programs, screenings and support groups helped 4,159 people learn to live healthier lives.
  • Family Health Centers offered healthcare to 2,603 people through visiting nurses and family health care centers.
  • Support groups helped more than 700 patients and family members deal with a diagnosis of cancer offering hope, information and psychosocial services.
  • More than 1,000 healthcare professionals and medical students in the Bridgeport area attended our health education seminars and lectures to advance their knowledge and share ideas.
  • Community Outreach Services telped to subsidize health services for needy community groups, assisted in community building activities and offered financial support to foundations and local charities.

Program Type # Offered Person’s Served*
Community Health Improvement Services 35 26,209
Community Health Education 30 24,432
Health Care Support Services & Other 4 700
Community Health Improvement Services 3 10
Health Professions Education 9 1,067
Behavioral Health Psychiatric Society 1 32
Medical Graduate Medical Education 1 56
Nursing/Nursing Students 1 525
BH Professional Education 1 427
Job Shadow 1 15
Stratford Health & Medical Careers Program 1 12
Subsidized Outpatient Health Services 2 930
Family Health Center 1 717
Mobile Mammography Screenings 1 213
Clinical Research 1 75
Other Research 1 948
Community Healthy Advocacy 1 242
Other Resources 1 45
Total Programs Offered in 2010 56 29,516

Year ending 9/30/2010
Note - # of person served data unknown for some programs
Source: CBISA

Serving Those Who Need It Most

Many of our ongoing programs offer free health screening to residents, many of whom would not have had access to such services.

  • Our Wellness Booth offers free blood pressure screenings two days a week.
    Seniors can get free Medicare counseling during any given week at our Medical Center.
  • Mobile mammograms programs provide breast cancer screening to underserved women and stress the importance of early detection.
  • Congestive heart failure patients, who cannot afford to pay for it, can enroll in free CHF clinics to learn self management skills.
  • Our Neighborhood Health Center, located at the Thomas Merton Center in Bridgeport, provides healthcare for those patients who might be having financial difficulties or are uninsured. Many of these patients do not have family doctors and we are able to provide primary and specialty care for all family members, as well as offer medical testing, financial counseling and social services.
  • Made available influenza vaccinations to community members at a variety of venues.

Meeting Individual Needs

  • While the majority of our programs are designed to support the needs of the community at large, some are specifically tailored to reach out to those in our community who live in poverty.
  • We provide free mammograms through our mobile mammography screening program, to women who otherwise would not have been able to have this important screening.
  • We offered healthcare services to the uninsured and underinsured at Merton House in Bridgeport as well as volunteer to work in their soup kitchen. St. V’s employees donate turkeys at holiday time to help stock local food pantries.
  • We ran health clinics in poorer neighborhoods offering healthcare education, blood pressure screening and mental health and substance abuse counseling.
  • Our Heart Healthy Club has reached out to more than 100 men and women to offer support and education for patients and their families that suffer from coronary artery disease.
  • We donated goods & medical supplies to foreign missions to help those in need in other countries.

Making Healthcare Accessible

St. Vincent’s tries to offer programs in a local, community setting whenever possible to allow easy access to the people we serve.

  • We run community education seminars on the prevention of stroke in local barber shops and beauty salons.
  • Many of our student health seminars are conducted right in the high school setting.
  • Our nurses see patients at community church halls and senior community centers.
  • Many of our substance abuse programs and mental health seminars are offered at facilities like Hall-Brooke.
  • We even bring programs right to the workplace with our mobile mammogram screening.

Serving Our Youth

  • Our Youth Programs educate students on the risks of tobacco and alcohol and offer them the opportunity to learn more about healthcare as a possible career path.
  • Our free Teen Smokestoppers programs reached 19,174 teens in high schools throughout the community to educate them on the health risks associated with smoking.
  • In association with local education officials and emergency service personnel, teenagers also learned about the dangers of drinking and driving.
  • We provided $250,000 in scholarships for students enrolled in health career programs and offered a number of mentoring and “shadowing” programs for high school, college, medical and nursing students.

Facilitating Disaster Planning and Emergency Management

St. Vincent’s Community Benefit Programs brings city planners together to coordinate emergency response plans and share ideas.

  • Meetings with the City of Bridgeport Emergency Operations Center including Police and Fire Departments, the American Red Cross, United Illuminating, Aquarian Water Company, HAM Radio, the Salvation Army and Bridgeport Hospital to discuss community emergency response plans in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.
  • We meet regularly with Bridgeport Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Stamford Hospital and Greenwich Hospital to share ideas, coordinate EMS & emergency response service, and to ensure equal care is provided to all members of our communities.

Supporting Local Foundations

We supported local foundations in our community with donations of more than $65,000.

  • SWIM Across the Sound – for cancer patients and their families
  • United Way of Greater Bridgeport
  • HOMS Program –to assist area residents in becoming homeowners
  • St. Vincent’s Employee Giving Foundation – provides food to local food pantries and shelters
  • St. Vincent’s Special Needs Center – provides support to adults and children with multiple disabilities.

“We should assist the poor in every way, and do it both by ourselves and by enlisting the help of others.”
St. Vincent DePaul

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