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About St. Vincent's Medical Center - Bridgeport CT

Nursing Professional Practice Model

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St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Nursing Professional Practice Model provides a framework for how SVMC registered nurses practice, collaborate, communicate, and develop professionally. It defines what is important to St. Vincent’s Registered Nurses and drives current and future nursing practice.

SVMC Nursing Professional Practice Model is aligned with the following professional standards of practice and performance:

  • Connecticut Nurse Practice Act
  • American Nurses Association (ANA) Scope and Standards Practice: Nursing (2010)
  • ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses: Interpretation & Application (2008)
  • ANA Nursing’s Social Policy Statement (2010)
  • AONE Guiding Principles for the Role of the Nurse in Future Patient Care Delivery (2010)

The Nursing Professional Practice Model Framework:

The Interlocking Gears represent the connectivity, strength and interdependence of the healthcare team. Human connections and collaborative partnerships are created through the relationships we develop with our patients and their families, ourselves, and our colleagues. This is reflective of our care delivery models, Relationship-Based Care and Patient and Family Centered Care. Nurses respect the knowledge and expertise of others and understand that our patients depend on the interdependence of nursing practice with other disciplines.

The Outside Purple Gear represents the drivers of rapid and continual change. To achieve exceptional outcomes, we must have the knowledge and skills required to respond to changes that result in new public policy, evidence-based practice and research and technology. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and informed, using information technology for research and taking care into their own hands. Engaging the consumers in decisions about their care results in cost effective care and safe outcomes.

The Inner White Circle represents our most valuable resource-the people. Our partners in care are our patients, families, colleagues and community members. The foundation of our PPM is based on relationships we develop with our patients and their families, self, and colleagues to understand the other’s experience, creating a caring and healing environment.

Patient and Family
The patient and family are at the center of our Professional Practice Model and are always held in the highest regard. Patient and Family Centered Care and Relationship-Based Care promote a culture of caring and a way of being that identifies and respects the patients’ perspective concerning what matters most to them. It is grounded in a mutually beneficial partnership that leads to the highest quality of care and the safest outcomes. 

The Inner Gears represent St. Vincent’s Nursing Core Values. The gears in motion represent the dynamic healthcare environment in which registered nurses practice.

Nursing Core Values

Trust – The environment at St. Vincent’s Medical Center is one in which every person who enters the doors trusts that they will receive the highest level of safe, compassionate, physical, emotional and spiritual care. Nurses trust that they work in a safe and healthy environment where they are supported and encouraged to care for and about themselves and each other.

Caring - St. Vincent’s is committed to building a healthcare system where the right patent gets the right care at the right time in the right way, every time. Caring drives that commitment. Nurses are inspired to see their roles beyond the tasks and technology to the true heart of nursing… caring. Caring behaviors are evident in the way we care for and about our patients and families, ourselves, and our colleagues.

Spirituality – At St. Vincent’s Medical Center, spirituality is incorporated into everything we do each day. We recognize that a person’s spirituality and beliefs are very personal. Honoring that individuality allows us to maintain a culture of caring in a profound way always respecting the dignity and diversity of each person. Nurses take pride in listening and responding to the needs of each individual while instilling reverence as each person expresses their spirituality in different ways.

Safety – Our commitment to a culture of safety stems from the teamwork and leadership of all disciplines. Practices are evidence-based and patient-centered. Through speaking up on behalf of the patient, communication is heard and acknowledged. Nurses are the first line of defense in assuring patient safety. Continual emphasis on safety and high quality care is recognized and rewarded.

Collaboration –Nurses at St. Vincent’s are committed to cultivating an environment that fosters open communication, collaboration and teamwork. Nurses play a pivotal role in coordinating and collaborating with other disciplines to best serve the patient and family. Sharing knowledge, decision-making, innovations and feedback are all ways that, together, we produce exceptional outcomes in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Knowledge – We believe in creating an environment that promotes professional growth and development, supports the mission and vision and ensures high quality and safe care and outcomes. St. Vincent’s invests financially in continuing education and tuition assistance, and supports national certification so that nurses may experience personal and professional satisfaction as well as career advancement. Helping our patients feel empowered and make informed decisions about their care and treatment requires expertise and knowledge. Nurses use their knowledge to empower others and drive change. Nursing knowledge is evidence-based and dynamic, and lifelong learning is required for its continued application.

Science - Through the application of science, which is best described as advancing nursing practice through the use of assessment, problem solving, knowledge, experience, research and the integration of evidence into practice, our outcomes have continually improved. Nursing research is supported and conducted through our Nursing Shared Governance Council structure.

Innovation – Creativity through courageous innovation is a core value at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Nurses are challenged every day to develop innovative ideas that will result in improved efficiency, safety, quality, service and professional practice. Innovation is accomplished by inspired and visionary nurses who are committed to excellence and to moving the organization forward to meet the challenges of an ever changing healthcare environment. 

Rev. 6/12


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