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Yoga - Thursday Classes for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Restorative Yoga - free program  for cancer patients and family members - Sponsored by St. Vincent's SWIM Across the Sound

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About St. Vincent's Medical Center - Bridgeport CT

Board of Trustees

About St. Vincent's Medical Center - Bridgeport CTSt. Vincent’s Medical Center Board of Trustees is composed of a diverse group of business and religious leaders who are dedicated to the welfare of our patients as well as the financial and operational stability of the Medical Center. 

Board members serve on a voluntary basis and meet bi-monthly to make decisions regarding important hospital matters and learn about the recent hospital news. Some members also serve on sub-committees, which make important decisions regarding specific areas of the hospital’s operations.


St. Vincent's Board Of Trustees

 Peter Boone


 Flaherty_ John

 Peter Boone, MD

 Sean Carroll

John A.Flaherty, J.D.


 Daniel Gottschall

 Jean M. LaVecchia

James P. Gavin, MD

 Daniel Gottschall,  MD, FACOG, Board Chair

 Jean M. LaVecchia

 Stewart G. Marcus



 Stuart  G.   Marcus,   MD, FACS

 William (Bill) E. Mitchell

John Petillo

 Charles Strauss

 Mark Thompson

 Anthony Vallillo

 Charles Strauss

 Mark Thompson

 Anthony J. Vallillo




Douglas D. Waite 



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